Mum/Widing Chan 纏
Mum/Widing Chan 纏

Mum/Widing Chan 纏

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Because "chan" is handicraft in china so it will take up to 45 day after the order to make them.
  1. What is chan?

The visual elements like the entanglement of fabrics come from the classic design of Xiaobaiju and the re-optimized structural design. Intertwined with the powerful acoustic technology accumulated by Widing over the years. It is the ultimate free expression of exactitude metal craftsmanship. It is great compass and surging sound of inclusiveness. Entanglement, blending, condensation, where the name of chan comes from.

This is the two engineers' exploration and answer whether there are more possibilities, creativeness in today's in-ear earphones and acoustic.

The creativeness of chan is not only a joint name, but also a new creativeness of acoustic.

Wish you be surrounded by goodliness things.

The above two engineers mainly refer to Xiaobai, the founder of Xiaobaiju, and Yazai, the founder of Widing.

Xiaobai has been engaged in mold design for 12 years. Since 2012, he founded Xiaobaiju Earphone Studio because of his love for music. With his bold and unique design style and meticulous production concept. He has made many private customized products. He is one of the manager person of China's Earphone industry.

Ya Zai, the founder of Widing, started Widing earphones in 2006. He has successfully transformed from an independent writer to an electro-acoustic engineer. He has served many domestic and foreign Hifi earphone brands, providing solutions such as electro-acoustic, structure and ID design. He is a versatile earphone practitioner.


  1. Parameter

Model: Chan Winding

Driver: Single-plate film driver

Sensitivity: 98dB/mW

Impedance: 14 ohms

Frequency response range: 5Hz-30kHz

Wire: 8-core oxygen-free copper


One pair of "Chan" earphones

Two pairs of memory foam eartips

Three pairs of medical-grade silicone eartips

One tin hand-thumbed storage box

One acrylic storage box

One display rest

One metal nameplate

One cleaning brush and cleaning cloth

A set of Pan changeable plugs


  1. The appearance of the earphones and packaging style are designed by Mr. Xiaobaiju, an engineer of the domestic magic earphones.

The appearance is inspired by the rhythm of the entanglement and flow of the fabric. Using 3D printing metal process, the metal housing is integrally formed, which is all in one. Manually made the texture strive for perfection. The irregular hammer pattern and the integrated vortex form resemble falling stars spiraling through the atmosphere.


  1. Exclusive tuning from Widing, using exclusive multiple acoustic damping technology and redesigned open acoustic housing structure, the inside of the housing is coated with special materials, which can effectively eliminate the resonance of the driver and reduce the reflection of sound in the housing. Using a 14mm planer diaphragm driver, under the fine tuning of Mr. Yazai, the generous and impactful sound characteristics of the planer are vividly displayed. Breaking through the effective frequency response of traditional planer drivers, it brings a high-density and dynamic sound style. The specially made reverberation gives people an opera-like listening atmosphere, allowing people to completely relax and enjoy the music.