Sonic Scientific Kratos
Sonic Scientific Kratos
Sonic Scientific Kratos
Sonic Scientific Kratos

Sonic Scientific Kratos

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Kratos, Audiophile Linear Battery Power Supply
Sonic Scientific has done it again!! Since the advent of superior series of battery products, we have not only strengthened our efforts to innovate and invent, but also recently launched a new product, Kratos, which is an audiophile grade linear power supply with batteries. It has exquisite appearance with versatile applications. It is a conscientious product especially designed for audio enthusiasts.
In recent years, more and more audio products and digital products use external linear power supplies. However, due to cost considerations, businesses generally only support small switching power supply or low-quality power adapters. As we all know, power supply plays a decisive role in the quality of audio / digital products. Although switching power supply has the advantages of high efficiency and small volume, the noise of its output DC power supply is several orders of magnitude higher than that of linear power supply. Therefore, we designed and manufactured this Kratos linear power battery box.
Kratos audiophile grade linear power supply with batteries is a portable superb technical advance product that can carry incredible capability. It uses the most advanced graphene hybrid technology and have six 18650 batteries with ultra-high energy capacity of 3400mAh, which are connected in two parallel and three series, and these battery cells are replaceable. Kratos has one USB 5V and two DC 12V outputs with the lowest possible output noise level. The purest and yet most powerful output DC power supplies can greatly improve the performance of any audio systems. This is definitely the dream gadgets that any audiophiles are looking for. The suggested retail price is at USD$ 29.95. We are encouraging all qualified agents, representatives and distributors around the world to be our partners. If any of you are interested, please feel free to contact us directly for further details.
Note: The 24V DC output with USB version of Kratos will be available shortly.
• Battery capacity: 6800 mAh(the battery can be change)
• Supply input voltage: DC 12.6V/ 1-2A
• Outputs: DC 12V/ 10A, DC 12V/ 3A, DC 5V/ 3A,
• Dimensions(L*W*H): 125*93*25mm